Welcome to Arte de Obra (in Haria and with Bettina Bork)

I am Bettina Bork from Haria on Lanzarote. The traditional architecture of the island and the basic ideas of Cesar Manrique (from whom I was able to learn a lot) as well as the encounter of cultures and sustainable tourism are close to my heart (I am happy to help with accommodation in Haria and the surrounding area).

More information days & workshops (incl. accommodation), about Haria and sustainable tourism, about Cesar Manrique (and his personal influence on my work), about traditional architecture or about real estate on Lanzarote can be found here at Arte de Obra (engl. "Art of the Work"). Or here to the current press review.


Premiere of the documentary "A Wonderful Experiment" by the Haria Society

A tribute to César Manrique by the citizens of Haria.

On Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 20:30, the documentary film "A Wonderful Experiment", produced by the community of Haria in recognition and honour of César Manrique, will be screened in the square of Haria.

This documentary was made by a group of residents of the village of Haria who were concerned about changes that were occurring on the island of Lanzarote due to mass tourism.

They remembered the words of a wise friend, now deceased, and decided to get together to make a film that would summarise the traditions, natural environment, heritage, culture, etc.

Defending the traditions as a sign of identity and proposing ecotourism as a way to develop the community economically were key to the Haria community's stand, which was awarded by the organisers of ITB Berlin.

Exhibition in El Aljibe Hall: (Haria): "From lessons with César to the Arte de Obra Cultural Centre"

On Saturday, 20 April 2019, at 12:00, the exhibition "From Classes with César to the Arte de Obra Cultural Centre" will open in the El Aljibe exhibition hall in Haria, presenting the works and educational projects from Bettina Bork's collaboration with César Manrique.

Bettina Bork first studied design and architecture at academies and universities in Germany. She always combined her studies with projects in the fields of monument conservation, design, construction management, etc.

In 1985, she finally continued her studies with César Manrique, from whom she learned to look at heritage and architectural interventions from a different perspective. Since then, she has put what she learned into practice in projects on Lanzarote as well as in Germany - in the tradition of César Manrique.

The path from the first collaboration with César Manrique to today's cultural and architectural centre Arte de Obra is shown in this exhibition. It was on view until 4 May 2019 and could be visited from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00.

Project "40 camels for Haria"

Haria Society among the 50 places "DE EXELENCIA" worldwide

Honoring the 50th ITB - Berlin 2016 ( Internacional Tourism Fair) in the Jameos del Agua. Presentation and recognition to Haria-Society with the 50 year ITB bear.  For more information

Greetings from Lanzarote

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NO to the plastic bag

Film of the Biosphere Reserve Lanzarote. " Campaign - goodbye palstic bag"