Bettina Bork - Manager Arte de Obra

The founder and leader of the cultural centre Arte de Obra in Haria/Lanzarote came originally about the practical education to the architecture. More than 20 years she pursued own construction draftsman's office and visited various building trade schools. Their project areas began with the conservation of historic buildings in Krefeld (house Esters / house Lange from Mies van der Rohe), about bridge building, technical treatment of buildings, prefabricated buildings, - blocks of flats and over and over again listed historic buidings in Aachen (Reuterhaus).

At the end of your effect time in Germany an established clientele also hardened in the area of the interior decoration (Assurance of Aachen and Munich – now Generaly – head office  interior-design) and various private customers. The field of work of Creation and interior decoration brought another field of work in the area of the organisation of events and Workshops with itself. The Workshop of the BHW bank (Live and life in the future 1986) on Lanzarote with and in the house of César Manrique (manifest - Lanzarote dies) opened the concept to concentrate your field of work more to Lanzarote.

In the years from 1986 to 1992 she was to the study and as an employee with Cesar Manrique.

In 1993 she restored your small house in Haria, thanks to the knowledge from occupational experience and practise, as well as the assistance of some citizens and the office of mayor of Haria. Applications to the cooperation in resident architects and companies on Lanzarote were answered with regard to the previous cooperation in César Manrique negatively.

In 1994 she began independency on Lanzarote with the site management of a small land hotel and sat down till this day away with different restoration projects and new buildings. Their concern is to receive the original and the ambience of the island Lanzarote without closing mind to the modern age. Hence, she promotes the cultural exchange just as the modernisation of real estate in the traditional typical style for country.

In 2004 she founded a small cultural centre in Haria, to test a symbiosis from profesion and vacationer and to begin the base for an international exchange. A support of the lasting – ethical - alternative tourism is one of the aims. With this draught she visits in 2012 in community with the population from Haria for the first time the Tourism fair ITB in Berlin.

In 2010 the academy of science and engineer's being Lanzarote conferred on her the title. Furthermore she is within the scope of an association also an adviser of the official network office MAB of the Biosphere Reserve Lanzarote (a part of the MAB Programms of UNESCO).

In 2011 it was chosen as a president of the association LAPAS (Lanzarote – Art - Conservation of  historic buildings - Architecture - Sostenibility) on Lanzarote.

Bettina Bork in the press


Ceremony to the admission as a graduate in the academy of science and engineering of Lanzarote: Entrance speech "César Manrique and Germany"