How do I find my house ... or ... wich house is waiting for me?

The search for a suitable object

is not so easy, because one assumes that one finds a similar quantty of real estate offers an in one´s own large country. On Lanzarote, due to the high construction activity of the 80s-90s and due to restrictive development plans in connection with landscape protection the available reserve of buiding land is low. The selection of valuable objects has become rare. If one then found an objekt and the related papers are all right, and one knows the environment, one should also no longer hesitate. It must stop fit ... and then you will also be happy with the new house.


On the topic "old builing-renovation and conversation" after the purchase

For this reason, Arte de Obra is not only involved with the topic of old buildings in the context of its purchase and sale, also been involved in the preservation of objects  in Lanzarote and in Germany 25 years ago. With our many years of active experience in architecture, especially with regard to the traditional architecture of Lanzarote, we were able to save many houses from decay. We take over the planning, provide you with reliable craftsmen for execution, and have experience in building supervision.

We work on demand

and clear requirements of the customer and the conditions such as size - situation - planned use -fiancial background. One should specify the true data and price presentation at the purchase request. On the part of Arte de Obra, the sale value of the property is always cehcked in advance. We cooperate with lawyer - notary - tax advisors and banks. The local population is rather an offense " acting at any price", but it is not shown. It is said to be a "mental misery". This approach, as it often appears to be modern, does not help in the search for an object, and is therefore not well seen and has a lasting effect.

One of the reasons why Arte de Obra has not bean dealing with real estate for 10 years, and has rejected clients or prospective buyers, as well as speculators on the island.

Price calculation

We work on a commission basis of 5% of the sales sum. We will be asked to find a new owner for the property. We calculate the cost of work on the part of the buyer, wich is then refunded when buying the same property and receiving the commission. Extra wishes are settled hourly. If you have already found an object and would like to take advantage of Arte de Obra´s expertise, we will prepare a cost calculation with the appropriate order. In addition, both parties sign an "Ethical Treaty" for mutual safeguards.

With us you will not find the "big catalog". We arrange individually and only personally. You shoud therefore plan some time until the right property is found for you.                           

We will be pleased to present objects to you on request.