Arte de Obra

Center of architecture, design and science

You find the Centro in the north of Lanzarote the valley of 1000 palm-trees and its ancient principal village Haria.
The former health resort Haria has an especial healthy climate, culture and agreeable cooperation is in the middle. As student of the deceased local important artist I looked out for a region of communication and tranquillity. Near the centre of the village I found an ancient stately home building from 1830 finished the restorations in 2005 and founded this cultural centre.

Doors are open for students, pensioners, interested, vacationers, and families in cases even with animals. You find an accommodation in a place separated from mass-tourism and the possibility to come in contact with land and inhabitants. We can give you all informations in context with Lanzarote. Sometimes we have a barbecue and by being-together we can develop ideas, stimulations or concepts to inprove cultural intercourse.

The Centro is concepted similar the idea of the ancient study-house of Cesar Manrique founded 1986 in Arrecife known as Centro "El Almacen". From my own positive experience there I developed the idea to continue something similar. I had the idea to create or continue an instrument for students of different nations to contact and accompanied their themes of work as there are degree dissertations, work-shops or only information-journey, all you can imagine under the title of culture exchange.

The accommodation in the Centro is separated in 2 areas, accommodation directly in the Centro or accommodation in my living-house. The Centro is as configured you have the possibility to retire. Around a patio are several sleeping-rooms and for common use a large kitchen. All 2 chambers have 1 bathroom. The garden rooms can bee used even as apartment with bathroom of your own. Belonging to the Centro my island typical builded living house is situated at the edge of the village. It is especially apt if you search tranquillity. 2 apartments with sea-view have been reason for many visitors to come back again. Additional you find in the Centro a bureau area as well as an exhibition area to present the results of your study.

By the payment of the accommodation the use of the "Centro" and the service is self supporting.