ARTE DE OBRA - "Art at works"

ARTE DE OBRA stands for a stay with cultural exchange, information days on the topics of Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote architecture & design, environmental protection and sustainable tourism and other current topics.

ARTE DE OBRA is located in the north of Lanzarote, which is still less adapted to tourism. However, the sphere of activity and the contacts go far beyond this region - to the ITB in Berlin, to universities in Spain and of course to many parts of the island of Lanzarote, even if the north of Lanzarote naturally forms a focal point of the activities.

The headquarters of ARTE DE OBRA in the still very original main town of Haria is located in the north of Lanzarote, directly in the valley of the 1000 palm trees. The former health resort of Haria has an extraordinarily healthy climate, where culture and pleasant togetherness have always played and still play the main role.

Since the type of accommodation is also essential for visits or workshops on Lanzarote, we work together with locals and on a different personal concept for overnight stays and can thus offer you different types of accommodation on request.

We are happy to provide you with information about the country and its people, and during joint evenings, ideas, suggestions and concepts develop that are conducive to cultural exchange.

Kunst am Bau (1985-1992)
Arte de Obra (1993-2002)
ARTE DE OBRA (aktuell)

The director of ARTE DE OBRA: Bettina Bork

ARTE DE OBRA is managed by Bettina Bork, who after an intensive practical training (1.Lehrmeister Arch. Ing. Ernst Horster in the conservation of historical monuments - Bauhaus objects) as a draughtswoman and master builder, attendance and study at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in the field of architecture, she founded a small office called KUNST am Bau and worked as a freelancer in various draft-construction-design areas in NRW and Maastricht under the name "KUNST am BAU". A white shop selling hand-painted ceramics in Aachen (praised by art expert Prof. Dr. Peter Ludwig) was also given the name "KUNST am BAU".

This was followed by an apprenticeship on Lanzarote with Cesar Manriques 1985-1992.
In 1993, the office moved from Germany to Lanzarote and changed its name to Arte de Obra with a Spanish translation.

From 2002, with the founding of the Work-Culture Centre, the name and the work in the centre experienced its high points again with the name ARTE DE OBRA.

ARTE DE OBRA will change again from 2022 onwards. A pooling of experiences and project ideas should be further elaborated in a more efficient way and make it possible to pass them on to new generations.