Info days, workshops & accommodation

Cultural exchange during your stay on Lanzarote - "The new trend".

It should be relaxed. Feel good and experience a few beautiful hours and days away from the usual everyday life. During the day, enjoy beautiful experiences with the country & its people, in the evening enjoy a good meal in Lanzarote style - and finally fall into a clean and good bed.

We have learned that the location and the environment in which you stay plays a very decisive role in experiencing Lanzarote, its landscapes, its people and its culture. This is the only way to experience Lanzarote as it really is.

The tranquillity and beauty of the island during the day can only be grasped in a relaxed setting in the evening. And vice versa ... A quiet evening and a good night's sleep in a comfortable accommodation makes you ready to enjoy the island with all its facets the next day.

This is also the project that has been implemented and studied for a long time with the locals from Haria as well as with Arte de Obra - and was even honoured with a certificate of success from Germany.

I would be happy to support you in planning your stay here, advise you on accommodation and personally guide you to the sights of your choice. Feel free to contact me.

Information days - Individual excursion - Workshops

Here are a few (only exemplary) topics on which I would be happy to facilitate a stay or offer info days or workshops of varying scope.

  • Learning from César Manrique
  • Encounters with the island
  • Land and people and their culture
  • Handicraft on Lanzarote
  • Water on a volcanic island
  • Environment - Architecture - Design

These themes are possible for individuals as well as for smaller or medium-sized groups. We always take personal wishes into account and try to organise appointments at the biosphere reserve or cultural centres for you in advance.