Architecture and Design

The study-centre Arte de Obra follows an idea from accomplishment at Cesar in 1986. Cesar Manrique realised architecture of harmony with the nature and causes a feeling of "let me stay".

It is not to realize an imagination of the architect in result may be like a foreign body to harmony on this place environment, arts and architecture. The guide line is respect to the environment, the landscape, the used materials environment and the perfect workmanship. These principals are my obligation and shall be continued by Arte de Obra.

In this sense we realised several buildings. Concerning architecture and design Arte de Obra deals with brainstorming and planning of objects in its own surrounding, gardens, lava-walls, old and new buildings, and construction including all necessities to local authorities and lost not least building itself.

Our Motto: Acting in the master's mind.

From the Barocco Canario to the Manrique Bath

Bath and sleep at the rock

Detached house of old quality

Villa with view

Restoration project in Krefeld - From needle factory to luxury flat

Restoration of a flat in the Pueblo Marinero (built by César Manrique)

Example designs as a plan and on site

Stop for the children's bus in Guinate