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In april the conference about the artist César Manrique 2014 takes place at the Canariens Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

Bettina Bork, the founder and leader of the cultural centre Arte de Obra takes part in the conference as one of the speakers. The 23.4.2014 at 20.00 p.m. in the exhibition hall "El Aljibe" in Haria the conference "Building and Living in the Future" from 1986 (Workshop BHW Forum - Cesar Manrique).

You can find the program of the conference here.

Greetings from Lanzarote

Summer in the North of Lanzarote

Punta Mujeres 2012 - Fiestas del Pino

20 years after César Manrique

A canarien of history. Document from the University Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the honour of the artist César Manrique " Art and Nature"

NO to the plastic bag

Film of the Biosphere Reserve Lanzarote. " Campaign - goodbye palstic bag"


Demonstration against the construction of a hotel/apartment complex in Puerto del Carmen at the public beach of Los Pocillos in the year 1988. A part of the beach has been taken from  the society and therefore the possibility to walk along the coast in south direction of Lanzarote. Today this building is built and one must accept a detour over the street.

Scenes of Lanzarote - César Manrique

The invisible middle - Lanzarote: César

Movie of 27.12.2010

Fifty years ago in Lanzarote, a visionary artist Cesar Manrique, he knows by intuition that the tourism is the future of the island. But Manrique does not wish a tourism at any price and raises his utopia: to give value to a poor and drie island where the predominant color is the volcanic one.

Juan Carlos Ortega covers the small Canary island discovering his attraction. It tells us how Manrique defends the landscape protection of Lanzarote and of an invisible architecture, integrated in the nature. He is a combative pioneer, an anticipated ecologist who develops his tourist project on the big linen of the island.

The legacy of César Manrique survives him, today his Foundation is overturned in denouncing the corruption and to whom they damage the town-planning norms of the island.
The invisible middle shows how the conviction of a person has turned Lanzarote the island of the utopia. César Manrique yes is a prophet in his ground.

The documentary film HOLIDAYS of Victor Moreno……on Victor Moreno…..

To see another kind of Lanzarote.
[Bettina Bork in co-operation as a principal character]


At the end of the 60s, the artist César Manrique returned to Lanzarote to transform the island into an ideal holidays place, where art and nature played an important role and the peculiarities of the island should be preserved. Fifteen years after his death, thousands of tourists visit the island in search of the sun and beach. However, the island keeps a living conscience, and the heavy living together between tradition and progress shows us the tracks of the world with expiry date.